One-day Birding Around Sofia

This birding trip will bring you to a great variety of habitats around Sofia, the Bulgarian capital, like conifer and broad-leaved forests in the mountains, high mountain meadows, marshlands, steppe and Karst areas.

Two-day Birding Trip: Eastern Rhodopes & Sakar

Come and see “The European Condors” – Griffon and Black (Cinereous) Vultures – plus many more: Egyptian Vulture, Imperial Eagle, White-tailed Eagle, Long-legged Buzzard, etc.

Two-day Birding Trip: Cape Kaliakra & Srebarna Lake

Two days exploring the birdlife in the spectacular steppes and cliffs of Cape Kaliakra and the Bulgarian El Dorado of waterbirds – Srabarna Nature Reserve

One-day Birding Along the Southern Bulgarian Coast

A day’s birding around the Bourgas wetlands: Atanasovsko lake, Vaya Lake and Mandra Lake – a complex of extensive wetlands that form one of Europe’s richest bird areas.

One-day Birding Along the Northern Bulgarian Coast

This birding trip will bring you to the region of Coastal Dobroudzha – the northern coastal lakes of Shabla and Durankulak, Cape Kaliakra and Batova riverine forests, all of which feature a great variety of birds throughout the year.