Forest Birds Hide Photography

Eurasian Sparrowhawk by Terry Ayling

Vulture Hide Photography

The Eastern Rhodopes is a mountain of rolling hillsides alternating with rugged landscape of jagged peaks, towering cliffs and sparsely vegetated, boulder-strewn slopes. Exceptional biodiversity – a result of the impact of the Mediterranean and continental climate – is concentrated in a small area. The diversity of birds of prey is amazing – 36 species of the 39 recorded in Europe can be seen there. However, the most spectacular feature of the region is the colony of Griffon Vultures.

Spring Birding & Photography in Romania

If you wish to join our scheduled Spring Birding and Photography Tour in Romania, please check the availability. Download the check-list of birds likely to be seen on this tour.  

Wallcreeper by Dimiter Georgiev

Capercaillie Photography in Bulgaria

This tour will take you to the pristine coniferous forests of the Rila National Park, where male Capercaillies gather to their leks to display and attract females. The main target of this tour is to photograph displaying male Capercaillies at their lek. There are several males at one of the spots, but one especially has lost […]

Dalmatian Pelican Photography

This tour is run in the area of Lake Kerkini, Northern Greece.   Nestled picturesquely between two separate mountain ranges, Lake Kerkini is one of the true jewels of European birding and the core of a nature reserve that is a relatively unexplored wonderland of beauty and biological diversity. Plenty of Great White Pelicans, Dalmatian […]

Dalmatian Pelicans by Mladen Vasilev

Red-breasted Goose Photography

A great opportunity to enjoy and photograph the most beautiful of the wild geese in their wintering grounds in NE Bulgaria

Wallcreeper Photography

A tour to the spectacular Trigrad Gorge – probably the most reliable place in Europe to enjoy and photograph the evasive Wallcreepers   On this tour we concentrate our efforts on photographing breeding pairs of Wallcreeper on the limestone cliffs of the Trigrad Gorge in the Western Rhodope Mountains. Depending on the success at the […]

Wallcreepers by Mladen Vasilev

Winter Photography in Bulgaria and Greece

This is a photography tour focusing on two main bird species – the Dalmatian Pelican and the Griffon Vulture. To take photos of Dalmatian Pelican we visit either the Bourgas wetlands in the South-eastern Bulgaria or Lake Kerkini in northern Greece, depending on the winter conditions and your preferences, and for Griffon Vultures we visit the Eastern Rhodope Mountains in southern Bulgaria.

Eurasian Griffon Vulture by Dimiter Georgiev

Hide Photography

This is an 8-day tour, focusing on the rich bird diversity and the beautiful scenery of the Eastern Rhodope Mountain and the Sakar Hills.

White-tailed Eagle and Eurasian Griffon Vulture

Spring Bird Photography in Bulgaria

A 12-day bird photography tour providing excellent conditions to take pictures of colourful and attractive European birds, like the European Roller, European Bee-eater, Wallcreeper, Black-headed Bunting, Red-backed Shrike, Semi-collared Flycatcher, Pied Wheatear, Penduline Tit, Eurasian Golden Oriole and many others.

European Bee-eaters