We are all set and ready for winter birding

Winter is almost here, in the south-eastern Balkans, and it is this time of year when many birds from northern Europe fly down to our areas where the weather is milder. These include thousands of Greater White-fronted Geese, large numbers of Lesser White-fronted Geese, Whooper and Tundra Swans, Black-throated Divers, Smew, White-headed Ducks, Greater Spotted Eagles, Rough-legged Buzzards, Fieldfares and Redwings and many more, making for great Winter Birding in Bulgaria and Winter Birding in Northern Greece.

In addition, a large part of the world’s population of the rare and beautiful Red-breasted Goose concentrates to spend the winter in the Black Sea coastal areas of Bulgaria and Romania. It is impossible to forget the spectacle of thousands of Red-breasted Geese leaving their night roosts on the lakes early in the morning in search of grazing in the nearby fields. Depending on the weather conditions, the geese shift between the Black Sea lakes in the two countries and we regularly monitor their movements and behaviour. The first wintering Red-breasted Geese were recently spotted in the plains along the lower Danube, which means that they will soon reach their traditional roosts along the western Black Sea coast. We are looking forward to another winter with thousands of those beautiful birds from the north, and have set two preliminary dates for our Red-breasted Goose Short Breaks: 8-11 Jan 2024 and 21-24 Jan 2024. Of course, our Winter Birding Tour in Bulgaria is also a great option if you wish to enjoy a range of attractive waterfowl (including the Redbreasts), plus wintering raptors and song birds. For details, please check regularly our website and remember that private arrangement are always possible.